Circulation is most important part of water care; therefore, best option is to keep it on 24/7. However, if You choose not to, scheduling the circulation system can be confusing.

Our recommendations:
Warm Season – minimum of 8-12 hours per day
Cold Season – minimum of 4-8 hours per day

Pro Tip
Two speed pumps can save You up to 40% electricity costs.
Return inlets – other big factor on how effective Your filtration system is. Position some of return inlets downwards at about 6 o’clock position to have best circulation possible. This way You keep greater water turnover and have less chemical burn off, evaporation and heat loss.
Clean skimmer and pump baskets – take it out, empty out and You are done! This helps Your filter and pump work much more effective than You can imagine. We recommend doing this procedure 3-4 times per week.
Filter maintenance – the hart of your filtration system. We recommend doing filter backwash once a week. This way You flush out all debris and contaminants which were trapped in sand effectively.

Pro Tip
Remember the reading of the pressure gauge after the filter was backwashed, typically “clean pressure” is 8-10 psi, when You reach around 20 psi – it’s time for backwash!


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