Pool Covers

We offer 5 different types of pool covers You to choose


  • Keeps water warm
  • Decreases water evaporation
  • Extends the bathing season significantly
  • Protects against objects entering the pool
  • Reduces chemical consumption


Pool covers allow the pool water to heat up much faster and slightly extend temperature loss, meaning that the pool water would stay warmer for longer periods of time. Pool covers also prevent debris from gathering in the water which means less effort would need to be put into  maintenance.  Pool covers reduce the amount of UV light coming into contact with the water, that way you wouldn‘t need to use as much chlorine.

There are several types of pool covers. Rhino Pools offer underwater slatted covers, above ground covers and pool enclosures. In our broad variety of covers we may offer an underwater bench cover system or an underwater standard systems.

Pools can surely be used in the winter, just don’t forget to turn the heater up or you‘ll freeze!

Warm temperatures can accelerate algae growth, however with correct pool maintenance there‘s nothing to worry about! Continue reading for maintenance tips.