We provide wide range of services You to have best experience of purchasing and installing Your dream pool.



Pools can be delivered through road network using various transport options.


Rhino Pools trailers. 1-3 pools at the time

FTL & PTL trucks. We can load 1, 2, 4 or even 8 pools at the time

Oversized truck loads. We can load up to 12 pools



Our special designed pool structure allows the pool to be installed with minimum intervention in the garden.

Fast and easy installation of the pool is possible only because of special designed pool structure of Rhino Pools Ceramic core, special Honeycomb bottom structure, high density PU foam, special Mat-combined structure.

Only gravel is used to backfill the pool. Both in the bottom and sides!

Installation manual PDF
warranty repairs

Warranty and Repairs

All Rhino Pools are covered by limited lifetime warranty. 

That means we guaranty that pool is leak-free for life.

Had an accident and damaged Your pool? No problem – Rhino Pools will take care of You! 


Individual Solutions

Even Rhino Pools have a wide range of pool models, we can help You getting exact thing You want and customize Your dream pool!

It can be covers, massage and swim jets, custom built filtrations and sanitation equipment, self standing frames and more.

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    No doubt! We can offer a wide range of delivery options. We can deliver a pool directly to Your home address. Ask Your local dealer for more details.

    Rhino Pools are easy to install and maintain. If You have decided to install a pool by Your own, we have prepared INSTALLATION MANUAL.

    Otherwise check our DEALERS LIST, our Partners will take care all the work for You!